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Website Maintenance

This Specialization explores several aspects of the new websites maintenance environment

We promise you that our website maintenance program will ensure that your site is always up-to-date and your project stays in budget. Our standard program includes, different content updates, update images and support via telephone and e-mail. We deal with all the services that you need in order to ensure both the short and long-term success of your online marketing business. We will always maintain and keep it in link with the current information online at a reasonable cost.

Many technologies come into play to provide user data safe for example the TSL certificates. Even, encryption is provided in the transferring of the sensitive location. Before developing a website you should always keep several questions in mind which will help you to develop your website easily and in an effective way like- what the content should be? How can you make it attractive? Will the website loads quickly? Will it attract more visitors? And many more. And, by keeping these questions in mind you can easily develop your website.

A web page may be easily designed for individual or for some specialized purposes. This made a web development a suitable procedure. In today’s time, most of the businesses own their websites. People use websites in their businesses to sell products and services to customers. There are different software that are available for web development programs like- BerkeleyDB, GlassFish, LAMP, Perl or Plack. Web services also allow users to use different applications from the different locations. Online sites such as Amazon have created the whole new world for the customers to buy goods and services. Facebook is also one of the most popular websites as it provides users to communicate with people easily.

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